Lírica Lado B

11 October, 2016

“Lírica Lado B” is a lyrical theater company that emerged in 2009 from the experiences of a group of artists who felt the need to express themselves and to be part in the development of their country’s lyrical theater, offering a new repertoire with unknown titles in Argentina.

The group is made up of specialists in different disciplines, and looks for alternative forms of production other than the conventional ones for the lyrical theater. It’s develop methods are based on the collective and interdisciplinary work as an exclusive procedure for the creation of the stage event.

Since the group was founded, has premiered for the first time in Argentina nine titles, and was honored by the “Stimulus Award” in 2013 and nominated for Best Premiere of a Foreign Work in 2015 by the Musical Critics Association of Argentina. “Lírica Lado B” was declared of Cultural Interest by the Argentine Representative´s Chamber.