MusicaQuantica Voces de Cámara

11 October, 2016

MusicaQuantica Voces de Cámara


“MusicaQuantica Voces de Cámara” is one of the most important choirs of Argentina.

Founded in 2006, its members are students and graduates of different musical careers, and choral singers with a vast experience. The choir was honored with many distinctions in Argentina and many countries around the world. It was declared of Cultural Interest by the Legislature of Buenos Aires, in 2012. It was honored with the “Stimulus Award” from the Association of Music Critics of Argentina, in 2013. In 2014, it was distinguished as Ambassador for the International Choral Music Federation (IFCM).


The choral grouping achieved several awards in national competitions in Argentina and 11 international awards in the rest of the world, among wich are the “Grand Prix” and Audience Award at Ave Verum International Choral Competition, in Baden, Austria (2012), and Florilége Vocal de Tours, in France (2012).


The vocal ensemble has performed two european tours (2012-2013) offering concerts in Austria, Germany, Italy and France, participating in International Competitions including the European Grand Prix of Choral Singing in Arezzo (2012), and other prestigious Festivals.


In 2014, the choir participated as a guest at the 10th. World Symposium on Choral in Seoul, South Korea, organized by the International Federation of Choral Music as the only one Choral group in representation of the South American Choral Music.


Participates assiduously in the most important cycles of Buenos Aires and surrounding cities, performing concerts at the Colón Theater of Buenos Aires, Argentine Theater of La Plata, Kirchner Cultural Center, Gran Rex Theater (Mozarteum of Argentina), Belgrano´s Auditorium (Musical Festivals of Buenos Aires), Usina del Arte and Sofitel Los Cardales, among others. Besides, it performed concerts at very important theaters in Mendoza, Córdoba, San Juan, Santa Fe and Chubut.


In 2016 the choir participates in the opera “El Fiord”, by Diego Tedesco, for the Experimentation Center of the Colón Theater, premiered at the 25 de Mayo Theater.